Super Sonic available on Mandarake

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Super Sonic available on Mandarake

Post by lambda_user » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:33 pm

The Super Sonic Plush on Mandarake has been available on Mandarake for at least 7 months at 80 000 yens. ... c+fighters

But careful! Depending how you end-up on this page, the same plush would cost you 86 400 yens. The way I do it is to search for "Mandarake English" in google, navigate to the site and search for "Sonic fighters" in the search bar. This way, I assume sets a cookie that you are from the outside. Mandarake ships internationally. For a plush like this one, it should cost you 1400 yens. This plush would be at your door step within a couple of days.

It is not cheap, granted, but quite a lot cheaper than ebay's $2k version : ... c+fighters

Good luck to those with deep pockets.

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